A Clean Slate  

            On a recent trip to London I was enjoying shopping in the famous Harrod’s Department store when I noticed a group of people gathered around someone who was giving a product demonstration. My curiosity got the best of me, and I had to stop and see what was being promoted. Upon closer observation I realized the salesperson was drawing cartoon figures on a magic board, and then with one swoop the board would be wiped clean; and the process would begin again. It was fascinating to see how easily it worked; and, of course, I had to buy one for my granddaughter, Madison. Now I play with it as much as she does!

            January of a new year reminds me of the magic board. This is a time to make a new start on your clean slate. You can begin your year with a clean slate that has not been cluttered with unfulfilled promises and neglected ideas of good intentions that have never materialized. Your board has just been wiped clean, and you can start anew. There are times that we all can use a fresh new start following mistakes or disappointments or even simply unrealized dreams. Perhaps you have been slack in church attendance or slothful in witnessing and Christian living. You now have a chance to use the clean slate and draw a brand new picture. Sometimes we scoff at New Year’s resolutions that are often soon forgotten; however, it is a wonderful time to make spiritual resolutions. If you have been less than diligent in your walk with God, take advantage of the clean slate and make a new commitment.

            For a start on your magic board of life, let your first resolution be to be faithful to God. You are the one who will reap great benefits and rewards from this commitment. Not only will you be blessed, but your family and friends will also be blessed by the change in you. Let God take one big swipe on your magic board, and start anew!

Reprinted from Tealightful Treasures by Wanda Fielder.



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