A Heart for Hospitality


By: Jaime Gibbs


    "Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.  Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.” 

 --from 1 Peter 4

It's been nearly fifteen years ago, but I can remember it well; the big pot of soup simmering on the stove, smiling faces, warm welcomes, dining table clear and wide open for any that would come and share.   This was usual fare at their home, this family from our church, who graciously offered hospitality to young adults  - and we eagerly accepted.  My husband and I, only dating at the time, eagerly anticipated our time together at their home.  We knew we were always welcome, even unannounced (which was often), and that there would always be room for us.  It was a good place for us to be, a stable family for us to be with, and a fantastic opportunity for accountability in our own budding relationship.

Their home wasn't a mansion, there wasn't any museum quality furniture in sight, but it was drenched in love and fellowship.  And the young people of the church - as well as their unchurched friends - could always be found there.

I'm not sure they knew that they were mentoring us, but they were .

"Have you listened to this?"  They would ask, handing over a copy of a tape about the follies of Hollywood and television.  "Have you been behaving yourselves?"  The husband would ask, after seeing us alone together for a moment.  "Did you watch this?"  He would ask, with a Focus on the Family video in his hand. They cared for us and helped us grow in immeasurable ways.

I wonder what lives you may change, what young person you may mentor, if you endeavored to leave a legacy of love and hospitality.

You don't need much.  A small home will do, if there's love in it.  Meals needn't be elaborate or expensive.  Chips and dip set out for snacking?  That would be wonderful.  A big pot of soup and some crusty warm bread?  Yes, please.  Coffee or tea?  Perfect.

Consider saying a simple prayer for your guests before they arrive and after they’ve left:

  • May your home be a place of rest, encouragement, growth, inspiration - Christ in their life. 
  • May they see glimpses of Him through your family, your home, your home life. 
  • May their families find healing if they have been hurting and a balm for their hearts if they are grieving.
  • May they leave somehow better for having been there at all.
Will you show Christ’s love by having a heart for hospitality this month?
Jaime is married to Pierre Gibbs, who pastors at New Life Pentecostal Church in Cedar Rapids, IA. She is passionate about nurturing her family, living intentionally, and her morning cup of coffee. She's also a homeschool mom who shares about homemaking and simple living on her blog, Like a Bubbling Brook . Be sure to visit her there!



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