A Jochebed “Wannabe”

By: Wanda Fielder


     Living the dream for countless girls is finding that special man, having a gorgeous love-filled wedding and ultimately having a child to bestow affection upon. Numerous dreams for the future filled my youthful mind, but the aforementioned were most prominent. At the young age of nineteen I married the love of my life, had the beautiful wedding and excitedly looked forward to the arrival of a child. Year after year went by without the fulfillment of an offspring as an addition to our family of two. Patience was learned during the first few years of waiting followed by anticipation, impatience, worry, and finally fear that the longed-for child might not be given to us.

     Finally after nine years of waiting and longing our first son, Brent, was born. Then we encountered another nine years of waiting and longing for the arrival of our second son, Bryan. Both sons were received with the utmost joy and happiness and have given a precious fulfillment to our lives.

     Frequently I contemplate the various mothers in the Bible, and I enjoy studying motherhood from a Biblical view. One mother that I have been continually drawn to is Jochebed, the mother of Moses. Moses’ birth came at a troubling time for the Israelites as the decree had been ordered from the king of Egypt for all male Hebrew babies to be killed. Just imagine the feeling that overwhelmed Jochebed at the time of her delivery discovering she had borne a male child! Fear, perhaps? Worry? Distress? But finally obstinate determination controlled her in the quest for the salvation and preservation of Moses. In reference to Jochebed and Amram, the parents of Moses, Hebrews 11:23 states that “they were not afraid of the king’s commandment.” Amazing! If there had been any fear, it was soon dispelled by Jochebed’s intense trust in God; and that was the beginning of the miraculous life of Moses and the deliverance of the children of Israel from the Egyptian bondage.

     Through parenting we encounter various situations causing anxiety to rise in our spirits as we search for the right approach, the perfect answer, or the proper direction to offer to our children. It is only when we have complete trust in God that we can let go of the fear or worry and abide in the peace of knowing that He is in control. As Jochebed placed her three-month old son in the small ark and placed him in the river, her faith must have soared as she gave complete trust to her God. To walk away from her baby and leave him helpless and alone was displaying the highest level of trust and faith that she had in God.

     Although many more lines have been written in God’s word about Moses than Jochebed, it is important to note that there would not have been a Moses without a Jochebed. Intense and relentless faith in the heart of Jochebed produced a God-fearing, faithful Moses. Her obedience and faithfulness were greatly rewarded as she was permitted to provide care for Moses and be a major influence in his life. Are you a Jochebed? Do you easily cave in to fear, distress and worry, or do you place your hand in God’s hand and turn it over to Him? Frequently I remind myself that He is in control of every situation, and that when he chooses, he can reverse it, restore, remove, or adjust in whatever way he decides. I continually ask God to increase my faith in Him, restore trust, calm my spirit, and open my eyes to His ways. I want to be a Jochebed!



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