A Ray of Sunshine

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By: Wanda Fielder



     Sunshine is a wonderful source of energy and is an automatic mood lifter as the warmth of its brilliant rays makes its way across the sky, into a room and into our hearts. After days of rain and gloom, I find myself longing for the sunshine. When reading of areas of the world that go for long periods of time without any sunshine, I wonder how the residents survive. There is actually a type of depression called SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is derived from lack of sunshine. Over ten million people in the United States alone experience severe disruption in their lives due to this disorder. Extreme fatigue, lethargy, anxiety, and withdrawal from friends and family are some of the symptoms of SAD.

      As an early riser I often get up while it is yet dark outside, and I anticipate the sunshine appearing to brighten my day. At our residence the trees block part of my view of the sunrise; but especially when traveling on the ocean, I love to view the early morning sunrise. It is an awesome sight to see and is greatly enhanced when viewing over the vast expanse of ocean water. I am always in awe of our great Creator when seeing this splendor in the sky.

      One recent morning as I stood in my kitchen looking over the back yard, suddenly peeking through the trees was just a ray of sunshine. It appeared as though someone was standing in the heavens with a flashlight aimed directly at my yard. The light it offered was narrow and covered just a small area, but it was quite beautiful as it brightened the leaves on the trees that were in its pathway. The grass became a vivid green while the rest of the yard seemed lifeless in comparison with a rather dull and unimpressive look. The sunshine was just peeking through the clouds, but it brightened everything that it touched and offered a glimpse of cheer along the trail it followed. It teasingly suggested there was more to come.

      Upon arising on another day while it was yet dark, I noticed a rosy glow appearing in the living room. It was absolutely beautiful and looked like a lamp that encased a pink light bulb. I walked closer to see where the glow was coming from and realized it was the sun just beginning to peek through the clouds and presenting an awesome array of diffused light. I was so in admiration of this wondrous display of God’s handiwork.

     Sometimes our lives become mundane and ordinary without the spark of excitement that brightens our day. At times the heaviness of our circumstances even brings darkness and depression and gloom that are difficult to diffuse. Although we comprehend that God is in control of all that comes our way, we tend to look at the circumstances and forget His promises. We must remember that our circumstances do not control our destiny; God does!

     It is in the midst of our darkness that we need to search for the ray of sunshine that God delivers to us through His Word. Psalm 119:105 declares unto us, Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Your darkness may consist of illness, confusion, job loss or any number of unwelcome situations, but God is Light, your ray of sunshine. Be encouraged by II Chronicles 6:1, Then said Solomon, the Lord hath said that he would dwell in the thick darkness. He may appear as such a tiny strand of light in your darkness, but it doesn’t take much light to dispel the dark.

     Not only do we need and desire the light in our lives, but we are to also be the light to others. Matthew 5:14 states, Ye are the light of the world, and in Matthew 5:16 we are instructed, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Become the ray of sunshine that is needed in this very dark world! However insignificant you feel your light to be, it may have great impact on the one who dwells in darkness. A ray of sunshine becomes a ray of hope to the desperate!



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