A Tribute to Fathers

By: Wanda Fielder

           Dads come in all shapes and sizes – from the tall and thin to short and stocky and all sizes in between.  Personalities vary from the strong silent type to the loud and boisterous -- from the lecturer to the fun-loving jokester.  No two are alike, and that’s what makes life interesting.  Variety is the spice of life!

            My Dad happened to be a mixture of several attributes.  He was strong and on the quieter side but loved to have fun with the family.  Some of my best memories are of family play times whether inside playing a game or working a puzzle, or outside making crazy videos or playing in the water sprinkler and enjoying each other’s company.  He also had a stern side, and I am sure that was what helped develop me into who I am today.   


           The dad role in today’s society is frequently played by the mom, and I give kudos to those ladies who step up to the challenge of fulfilling a dual-role responsibility.   Many children still live a fulfilled life due to a mother who unselfishly completes their lives.

           After nine years of marriage, my husband and I were finally privileged to have the distinct honor of becoming parents.  We were so ecstatic to join this elite group!  It wasn’t very long until I observed what a giant of a man I had married as he fulfilled his role as a dad. One of his favorite things to do when the boys were infants was to rock them to sleep at night with them laying on his chest.  This is a memory burned into my mind that I will always cherish.  He was always willing to change a diaper or take a turn at feedings to help make my day a little easier even though some label this as non-macho.  Ask any mother, and she will tell you that makes them more of a man in our eyes.

           As our boys grew, it was easy to see that all three of us were ‘first’ in his life, and he provided and cared for us to his best ability.  He made sure that we had quality family time and wonderful vacations even though he did not grow up with these privileges.  School events that our boys were involved in became priorities if at all possible.  He made us all feel secure by his unwavering stability.  Best of all he always led them spiritually and still does that to this day even though they are both adults. For all of these wonderful attributes, I say, “Thank you, babe.”

           So, to all the dads out there today, we honor you and appreciate all you do to make our homes better.  The world is a better place because of those great dads.  Sometimes more attention is given to the deadbeat dads than those of integrity and wisdom.  And especially to those of you who lead spiritually, we honor you great men!




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