A Grateful Survivor

By: Wanda Fielder

According to Dictionary.com, a survivor is one who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks.  I have always enjoyed reading the stories of survivors whether from a mountaintop experience, a boating mishap, a prisoner of war or from the abuse of a family member.  My admiration for them swells as I read of what they endured and then how they used that situation to move forward and even inspire others in a similar position.   

            Bethany Hamilton, a professional hall-of-famer surfer from Hawaii, lost her arm at the age of 13 to a shark while she was surfing.  One month after the accident she was back in the ocean surfing and continued to win.  Amazing!

            Otto Frank was a survivor of the horrors of the Auschwitz concentration camp.  He lost his whole family during the time of the Holocaust.  Upon the discovery of his daughter’s diary, Otto had it published; and we are made more aware of Jewish persecution in The Diary of Anne Frank.

During the outbreak of the horrendous coronavirus, Covid-19, I never dreamed that I would have to experience its trauma, let alone be a survivor.  But here I am – a grateful survivor!  Without boring you with the numerous details of my experience, let me just say that several weeks of high fever, breathing difficulties that resulted in a by-pap machine for nine days, extreme body weakness, and a two-week hospital stay was a difficult detour in my life and also my husband’s similar experience.  We both are so very thankful and give all the credit to God for His healing and to some great doctors to whom God gave wisdom.

            You too are a survivor!  We are on a heaven-bound journey, and it will take survivor-mode to make it to completion.  Out of all the impressive survivor stories, this is the one that I want to accomplish more than anything.  The path may be circuitous and difficult, but God made it possible through Him walking by our side.  We all can then repeat the words of Paul in II Timothy 4:7, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” What grateful survivors we shall be!




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