And Lead Us


By: Wanda Fielder



During my morning prayer time as an intercessor for those on my prayer list I found myself praying that they would be delivered from temptation. Temptation arrives in many forms from what we consider to be the major sins, the attraction of the opposite sex, alcohol, drugs, to the somewhat minor labeled sins of slothfulness, failure to spend time in prayer, little white lies, anger, jealousy, etc. Whether in an extravagant failure or a seemingly minor infraction, temptation has the ability to destroy, devastate, ruin and cause utter disappointment and dismay to a child of God. Often a situation of yielding to temptation has been the cause of a broken home leading to intense sorrow and pain for the family. A job loss may be suffered as a result of the temptation of dishonesty on the job. No one is immune to temptation, but we are, however, able to withstand this enemy of our soul.

Matthew 6:9-13 gives us the example of the Lord’s Prayer, and in verse 13 entreats with, “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” It was foreseen hundreds of years prior to our day that we would have a problem with temptation. Its ugly head is raised frequently at the most inopportune or unexpected times, and our reaction or response will determine the outcome of our dilemma. The first three words of verse 13 provide the answer to dealing with temptation with positive results . . . and lead us. A simple solution with outstanding impact. And lead us! Just lead us! Please, lead us! Just to truly follow Him will allow us the ability to withstand the snares of temptation.

In Psalm 23 David offers us excellent encouragement in permitting God to lead us as our Shepherd. In verse 4 he lets us know that we do not need to fear evil for “thou art with me.” Therefore the key is to simply allow Him to lead us and be with us. The remainder of that verse declares, “thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” It might be the staff of direction and leading or possibly the rod of correction that will keep us on the right pathway, but the important thing is that we permit Him to lead.




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