Be the Change

By: Suzi Toadvine


            A few months ago my daughter introduced me to an internet social network called Facebook.  It is a means for connecting with friends around the world . . . church friends, school friends, work friends, and of course, family.  It has been quite an interesting (and sometimes addicting) site.  It offers a fun opportunity to stay in touch with missionary friends and old friends that have relocated to various parts of the country. 

           Facebook offers an application called Flair which consists of buttons, much like what you would receive at a political rally, and the buttons have various comments on them, mostly humorous.  I saw a piece of flair that really grabbed my attention, and I thought about it for quite a while.  Now mind you, I rarely give Flair a second thought, but this one stuck in my mind for several days; and I pray that it stays there as a reminder of whom I want to be.  It simply states, "Be the change you want to see in the world.”  

           So many people are complaining these days....mostly about things that none of us have any control over . . . the price of gas, the stock market's ups and downs, the political scene, taxes, their jobs. You name it.  While there are many things that most of us have little to no control over, there are a few things that we do have control over.  I am a loan officer for a bank, and I overheard some co-workers complaining the other day about the effect that the economy has had on our job situations.  Several were just unhappy in general.  The first thing that came to my mind was the little flair, and I thought, "how can I complain unless I have done absolutely everything in my power to make things better?”  Of course, I have no control on the economy or housing market; however, the thing I do have control over is myself and the way that I deal with the situation.  Am I looking for ways to achieve the change I want to see, or am I just going to continue to complain about it? Others complain about relationships and again, it is important to ask ourselves if we have done everything to help improve or work toward what we would like it to be.  Am I being the change I want to see?  Are you being the change you want to see? 

           The same is true in the church. Many people find reasons to complain or find fault with the church.  It amazes me sometimes just how many things people can find wrong with just about anything from jobs to world events, to the economy; but I truly wonder if we stopped to think about the situation, could we honestly say we have done absolutely everything in our power to make things better to be the change we want to see?  Have I encouraged co-workers?  Have I given it my best effort?  Have I been the friend I want someone else to be to me?  Have I prayed as much as I should?  Have I truly done my part in every area?  Was I dependable?  Did I follow through with tasks assigned to me?  Was I there when I was needed or when a friend needed me? I know when I asked myself these questions, I realized that I really couldn't complain about too much because I was lacking in so many areas.   In recent days as I have pondered the little flair, I have prayed that with each day I can become the change I want to see in the world.  The first step begins with me and you.  Like the old adage, "if it is to be, it is up to me.” Let's BE the change we want to see!



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