Christmas Cheer    
By:  Wanda Fielder


A friend of mine recently received a text from her teenaged daughter saying the following:  “Hey mom, for Christmas instead of Christmas for me, can we donate stuff to the homeless shelter?”  Wow, I was impressed – and coming from a teenager!  That is someone with a special loving and generous heart.
That statement really started me thinking about how Christmas is perceived by many people.  For some, it is a wondrous time of giving and receiving from family and friends.  For others, it is a sad holiday, as they don’t have the finances for giving like they desire; or perhaps their family is dysfunctional and more stress is created.
Some families lost a loved one during the holiday season and sadness permeates that time of year for them.

Why don’t we purpose to add some Christmas cheer to someone other than our family?  That doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate your traditional family giving but add to it by including others.  Single mothers often have a difficult time during the holidays.  Widows and widowers can find Christmas to be a lonely time when their families are not nearby.  Nursing home patients can always use extra cheer.  Most cities have Angel Trees where you can choose a family to bless. There is no shortage of needed areas.

I think we would all be in agreement that we are a blessed nation.  My parents used to tell me how they would receive an apple and an orange for Christmas and were happy for that.  It would be a rare situation today for that meager fare.  In most homes the stacks of gifts are quite large, and we are grateful for prosperity.  Lets join together and bring extra Christmas cheer to an unsuspecting family.  Not only will they be blessed, but you will also be blessed for your spirit of giving.    




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