Everything Changes
By:  Wanda Fielder

I sat this morning and watched nostalgically as the old familiar swing set was dismantled and taken to a new home.  Unknown children would now be climbing and swinging on the set where I had watched my grandchildren experience hours of amusement.  I had pictured our precious swing set on a local online site and offered it as free.  Free – even though it was priceless to me! Numerous families requested to pick it up, so we started down the list.  It seemed a little absurd for me to feel so sad looking at the barren spot in my backyard for I had received countless moments of happiness observing their fun.  Laughter and smiles elated me for many summer days while I viewed from my nearby deck.

But everything changes!  My grandchildren, now ten and fifteen, had found new forms of entertainment more fitting with their ages.  That’s not a bad thing – just change.  Just as their sizes changed drastically in a few short years, so do their likes and dislikes.  Even though my eyes had become cloudy with tears, it was all for the best.  We would find new avenues of enjoyment.

That is life!  If everything remained the same, something would be amiss and not following the course of nature.  There has to be growth and change for life to continue to exist as God intended.

The same is true of our spiritual life.  We cannot remain the same without stagnancy and decay of our condition.  There must continually be progress, growth and newness to result in a fulfilled life for God.  There is need for concern when a child does not grow properly, and the same is true for a young Christian.  Years ago I read an inspiring book titled Lord Change Me.  Although change is not always desired, it becomes necessary.

Therefore I will accept the change and enjoy new paths of delight with my precious grands.  How about a picnic in the park?  Or more likely a new electronic game!




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