By: Corliss Williams

One of my favorite things to do during the Spring & Summer seasons (weather permitting) is to open the door to my screen-in porch in the mornings. I love to sit, have a cup of coffee and enjoy God’s creation.

The chorale of birds chirping is so soothing, but every now and then a big black crow will come around and start in: “Caw, caw!” The beautiful chorale ceases to sing. I know he is one of God’s creatures, but his voice is annoying. He always wants to sing a solo – loud and clear. Everyone in my neighborhood can hear that one black crow in my back yard.

If Ravens could communicate…there may have been a lot of conversation going on Kerith Ravine on this particular day. (1 Kings 17)

I can just imagine them discussing why they were feeding a homeless man who was hiding in a cave near the brook.

One of them may have said, “It was hard to find him, he was hiding so well.”

An another, “Oh, God directed me right to him.” (There is always a super spiritual one in the bunch).

“And did God tell you he would be partially hidden under a blanket?”

“That wasn’t a blanket! It was a mantle.”

“A what?? Never mind! I still think he could have managed with less food. Every morning, every night . . .”

“But God wants to make sure his prophet has plenty of nourishment.”
“His prophet? Excuse me! That man didn’t look like a prophet!”

Ravens are birds of prey, ravenous creatures, more likely to devour someone of his food, rather to take food to someone!

Ravens don’t even take care of their own babies.

But when God’s child needs sustaining – He changes the very nature of a most unlikely creature to take care of His child!

The Psalmist says, “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken.”

Paul says, “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory . . .”

While working for God, in the place where God told him to hide – Elijah’s necessities were provided for him daily.

Sometimes we can feel frustrated and exhausted when doing the Will of God. Never doubt His word, He may just be sending a Raven your way.


Corliss Williams, wife of UPCI Florida District Superintendent, Pat Williams, resides in Ocala, Florida where her husband is Bishop of Cornerstone UPC, and they have been together in ministry for over fifty years.   They are the proud parents of four children, grandparents to ten, and also have one great granddaughter.




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