By: Suzi Toadvine

   Over recent weeks I have followed, with great interest, the pomp and circumstance surrounding the death and funeral of HRH Queen Elizabeth II of England.  It has been incredulous to see all of the many military officials, Queen’s Royal Guard, and soldiers that have performed around the clock duty in her honor.   I am sure many, if not all, feel it is a great privilege to be of service to the Queen.  They have spent countless hours in training and practice so that every detail will be perfect.  Their absolute precision has been amazing!

I also observed the undeniable devotion the people of Great Britain have shown for this monarch.  Hours upon hours, thousands of people waited in line just to pass by her coffin.  It has been incredible to see.  They feel it is an honor to serve this Queen as well.  I listened to many voice their true appreciation to her based on what they felt she had done for the nation and the Commonwealth. 

In reflecting on this, I began to think about the amazing God that we serve!  Do I spend my days practicing and training to become more of the person He would have me to be?  Does my life reflect His presence?  Living a life of service to our King should be a joyful experience and one that we do with a heart full of gratefulness for all that He has done for us. 

I heard a sermon recently stating that we should be #1 fans of our God, so that people will know who we love and serve by the life we live.  When we are devoted servants to God, we will listen to His voice and His guidance in our lives.  We will also live our lives seeking always to do His will and to please Him.  I have thought much about this since that sermon, and it has been a daily desire of my heart to know Him more and to truly be in service to my King!

In Psalms 100:2 it says to “serve the Lord with GLADNESS!  Come into His presence with singing!”  When we give our lives to the Lord, He is the source of our joy and peace and entering His service is the best choice we can make for not only our lives but for our future as well!  Colossians 3:24 reminds us that “from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance” when it is the Lord whom we serve.  So not only will He give to us daily benefits, but we have a wonderful inheritance that comes with being in service to our King!

I greatly respected the honor given to the Queen and thought it was a beautiful tribute.  I pray that my life will also give honor to the King of all kings and may our lives daily show the world Who we gladly serve! 




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