In the Lion's Den




      When Daniel was being persecuted for his personal relationship with God it is highly likely that He asked God for deliverance from his trial. Although Daniel had a made-up mind concerning his love for God, His humanness surely desired reprieve from his enemies. My personal belief is that Daniel assumed God would prevent him from being tossed to the lions, but that was not to be the case. God, however, provided complete protection in the lion's den by closing the mouths of the lions which was even a greater miracle. Even Darius the king predicted that Daniel's God would protect him from harm.

     In the midst of severe trials we most often ask God to remove us from the situation, nevertheless the trial remains. For a moment one may feel that God has forsaken him, but looking back later it is obvious that God was there all the time in our "den of lions". The undesired trial becomes an experience of spiritual growth although quite unpleasant at the time.

     Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego certainly understood what it meant to be required to remain in the fiery trial. After not bowing to the image of gold that had been built at the request of Nebachadnezzar the king, they were thrown into a raging fire. Looking at this point of the story, it would be easy to conclude that their God had failed them. Reading further in the book of Daniel however reveals a most amazing miracle of being in the fire without being burned. The Bible declares that not even their hair was singed, nor did they smell of smoke. God was with them in the fire!

     Can you exit from your lion's den experience or fiery trial undamaged? Yes, it is possible! If after many hours of prayer for deliverance from your difficult situation you find yourself still battling, be at peace and know that God is right beside you in the midst of the trial and He chose not to remove it. Accept that God is allowing this continuance of distress for maturity, growth or the experience to minister to another in a similar situation. Acceptance rather than rebellion or complaint will prove to be strengthening for your soul.





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