It Was the Ladies!

By: Wanda Fielder

           My morning devotions happened to be in the book of II Timothy, and I was gently reminded of the importance of mothers and grandmothers who carry the gospel to their families.  Did you notice that Paul never mentioned the dad or grandfather of Timothy?  That’s not to imply they were not godly men, but he took special effort to mention his mother and grandmother.  It was the ladies who got the recognition for furthering the gospel in their families!  No doubt they were stay-at-home-mothers and had more time for this duty.  Paul stated in II Timothy 1: 5, “When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.”

           Ladies, are you keeping up with this important responsibility that has been placed upon us as mothers and grandmothers?  We cannot fail in our obligation to our families.  They must be our main priority in the teaching of the plan of salvation and godly living.  I could not bear the pain of someone being lost due to my failure in teaching by words and even more importantly by example.

           Here are some simple ways to share the gospel with your family:


  • Memorization of Scripture – Start with Acts 2:38 and teach a line a day.  Before you know it your little one will be able to recite it by heart.
  • Christian Music – Be careful what little ears hear!  You can control the listening environment of your family while they are small.  Make it wholesome. 
  • Bible Stories – There are many fascinating stories that will pique the interest of children.  Make sure they know them!  Wonderful Bibles are available especially for children even in the form of a comic book. 
  • Church Attendance – This should be a practice, not an occasional occurrence.  Make it a way of life.

           There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your offspring follow in the ways of God.  That is true success in life!  A great education, a well-paying job and abundant friendships are just extra blessings.  Make sure that first and foremost your children and grandchildren live for Jesus!

The rewards are out of this world!


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