It Was There All the Time

By: Wanda Fielder

Looking at my wardrobe I decided that I 'needed' a long red sweater - frequently referred to as a duster. It would be a stylish addition to my many black and white outfits, striped, houndstooth, checked, so I began the search. Online shopping has been made so convenient, as a matter of fact, too convenient! Within a short amount of time, I had looked from New York to California to China at hundreds of red sweaters, from fire engine red, orange red, blue red to burgundy with none of them being 'just right.'

I put my search on the back burner for a few weeks as I became busy with more important things. It was time to start packing for an upcoming trip when all of a sudden, I found the perfect red sweater. I was so excited! You'll never believe where I discovered it. No, it wasn't the Goodwill, and it wasn't Nordstrom. Are you ready for this? It was hanging in my closet! It was there all the time! Hidden amongst a myriad of colorful sweaters and jackets I ended my search. I was elated!

Contemplating my discovery, it wasn't long until I received a message loud and clear. How often do we find ourselves searching for answers to our needs looking everywhere for help? Reading books, searching the internet, seeking the advice of friends while Jesus waits patiently for us to look His direction. He was there all the time. Unprecedented circumstances cause fear and anxiety while some look for medication to ease their mind. Jesus waits. A highly recommended self-improvement book or Ted talk brings momentary relief while Jesus watches us with concern. Talking with a trusted friend affords temporary uplifting. Yet Jesus waits. 

Reaching the end of the rope to which we cling fiercely, we look up into the eyes of our Savior. Jesus, how could I forget? You are the Peace speaker, the calm in a troubled sea, the One Who is in control! Why didn't I seek you first? You are the answer to all situations of life. 

As I retrieved the red sweater from the tightly packed closet, I smiled as I confirmed - it was there all the time just like Jesus!


Psalm 91:2
I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.





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