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By: Gayla Foster



What do I do about this dull, lifeless hair? Expensive shampoos and conditioners are not the answer. A crash diet is the worst! Instead of weight loss, we have hair loss because of bad nutrition! Switch to a nutritionally well-balanced lifestyle. Not only will you lose the weight for good, but you’ll also reap bonuses. Your hair will become shiny and silky. Bouncy shiny hair is a sure sign of a well-nourished body.


Gatekeepers of our Glory:

Protein, fat, vitamins and mineralsdirectly contribute to actual growth and maintenance of healthy hair. Indirectly they build a healthy blood stream that provides the hair with needed nourishment.


Glory Builder:

The number one food for healthy hair is good protein: fish, grain, legumes, nuts and seeds. Not eating enough protein can lead to dry and brittle hair and even hair loss. Supplement with a good protein powder without additives when needed.


Glossy Locks:

Good fat, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid families help to prevent eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, dryness and hair loss. They are absolutely critical to healthy hair. A deficiency of EFA causes hair thinning, dry hair and dandruff.


  • Hair Repair:






Repairs shiny hair and healthy scalp

Leads to sore reddened scalp, dull dry hair, dandruff and hair loss


Repairs dry hair

Result in premature graying, dry hair and hair loss


Repairs hair

Causes hair to break easily and split at ends


Maintains the body’s mineral balance

Leads to brittle hair


Good foods for hair include leafy green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish. They supply the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep you feeling and looking your best.


Hair Ye Hair Ye:

Minerals are important! Without minerals, vitamins are useless.

A well balanced diet of vegetables, good protein and fruits should provide

all the minerals needed.

Copper helps stop hair loss and premature graying.

Iron keeps blood and oxygen flowing to your hair.

  • Selenium and Zinc help keep hair shiny and scalp healthy.
  • Silicon helps build hair.


Beauty and the Brush:


- Avoid the Frying Pan as it is a cradle of indigestion, heart disease and death. Sizzling fat are enemies of

your scalp and entire body. (Paul Bragg)


- A final cool rinse helps close the hair cuticles that open when exposed to hot water and is good for

scalp circulation.


- Healthy hair requires good nutrition and blood flow to the scalp. When we are stressed or tensed the

nerves and blood vessels in the scalp affects the health and growth of the hair. Hair loss could be caused

by stress!

- Sunlight helps hair grow. Too much sun dries and damages hair.

- Brushing 75 strokes helps spread natural protective oils, stimulates and massages scalp.


Locks of Love and Give God the Glory!



Interesting Facts on Hair Power:


Even the devil knows the Power of Hair! In the book “Witches and Witchcraft” by Rosemary Gulley, The School of WICCA (for witches) teaches:


- A witches magical power is bound in her hair.

- Strong witches do not cut their hair.

- Hair is used to cast spells.

- Hair is associated with strength, virility and protection.

- Samson lost his strength when Delilah cut his hair!




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