Moody Blues


By: Gayla Foster



Feeling Blue? Yes, junk food affects your mood!

“I know I shouldn’t eat this, but I’ve had a bad day and I’m feeling blue. I deserve to treat myself with something sweet and gooey. A hot fudge sundae sounds good!” Sometimes what we crave could be the worst thing to eat. Sweets, creamy foods (like ice cream) candies or cake give you a short-lasting sugar high. When you come crashing down you are in a worse mood than you started with.


I refuse to “sugar coat” information that is toxic to your health. One average-size soft drink contains 9 teaspoons of sugar. That’s enough to create sour dispositions, hyperactive children and family arguments. Diet sodas containing Nutra-sweet, Aspartame and Equal can cause mood swings, confusion, depression and headaches. Dr. Broer said these artificial sweeteners “pickle” the brain cells and hinder the body’s ability to burn fat. Consequently, people are actually gaining instead of losing weight on diet sodas!

If you load your system down with sugar and refined carbohydrates you will feel tired and blue. Switch from a diet of sugar-laden processed foods to life-giving foods such as brown rice, beans, fresh vegetables, fish and olive oil. You will find yourself becoming more energetic and less moody.


Stop! the Downward Spiral


The downward spiral begins when we: eat on the run, eat while driving down the road, eat standing at the kitchen sink or grazing over the stove while cooking. Skipping well-balanced meals and grabbing a quick junk food lunch causes your blood sugar to plummet. Irregularities in eating destroy the healthful tone of the digestive organs to the detriment of health and cheerfulness.

Keep Balanced:

- Eat smaller meals more often for glucose balance

- If under stress increase water, fiber and green foods

- Have a healthy snack if you feel a dip in your energy level or mood

- Beverages with caffeine dehydrates and stresses the body. Beware!

- Don’t allow bitterness to crawl through your system. Get rid of it!

Don’t use the magical medical term PMS or PMDD for an excuse to act like a witch one week out of the month! Park your broom and wicked ways in the corner and start working early to combat the problem that might arise. Did you know that women who suffer with PMS symptoms eat 60% more refined carbohydrate, 280% more sugars, 85% more dairy products and 80% more sodium than women who don’t suffer from PMS? Sit up and take notice!


Women who take birth control pills occasionally fall into depressed states because the pill creates a deficiency of Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 helps PMS related flare-ups because it helps to balance hormone levels. Try to get these nutrients from foods such as fish, yogurt, eggs, cauliflower, avocados and bananas.


Good Mood Foods:


  • Fish and vegetables…combats mood swings…B-Vitamins
  • Oranges, cantaloupe and carrots…makes us more productive…Folic Acid
  • Yogurt and kefir…improve memory, ease tension, rid you of irritability and insomnia…Calcium
  • Sesame seed and tofu…have calming effects…Magnesium
  • Broccoli…keeps our brain and memory working…Vitamin C
  • (Black Strap) Molasses…gives us energy…Iron


Miserable Foods (Numbers 21:5) :


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cola Drinks
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Dairy Products
  • Red Meat
  • High salt intake
  • Foods with artificial colors, chemicals and preservatives
  • Eating mid-night suppers causes morning sluggishness and moodiness


Mood Busters:


- Feel like chewing someone out? STOP! Instead, try chewing on popcorn, carrot sticks, celery, etc.

Believe it or not, these crunchy foods help ease tension and stress.

- Feel like pulling your hair or someone else’s out? WAIT! Pull some weeds instead! “Weed out”

those bad feelings! Even if it is cold, get outside in the sunlight. You’ll get a good dose of

Vitamin D and a better disposition.



Chin Up!


You can break the food-mood cycle once you understand how you are fueling your bad habits. It’s the early signs of nutritionalandspiritual depletion. Do something about it! Do you see how eating is a spiritual thing? Think about it.




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