My Father’s Hands


By: Wanda Fielder



     As I took the large feeble age-spotted hand and placed it between my two small hands, I made a meager attempt to ease the aching and cramping. The hands that at one time possessed great strength were now weak from aging and pain. These hands had toiled lovingly to provide for a family of five; these hands lifted frequently in praise to the Creator; these hands held the Word of God for daily meditation but now were the source of great discomfort. While gently massaging my father’s hands to attempt to give him some relief from the pain, my mind was flooded with another memory of my father’s hands. I was just a tiny first grade girl with an overwhelming fear of the dentist. Trepidation of the dreaded dental procedure was causing me to feel great apprehension as I awaited my turn in the dentist’s chair. Upon hearing my name called I became distressed and developed a panicky feeling. Sensing my complete anguish, my father asked the dentist if he could accompany me to the dental chair. Not only did he walk me to the procedure room, but he stood there the whole time holding my hand. That gesture will never be forgotten in my mind.


     We have a heavenly Father, who also accompanies us through the fearsome and dreaded situations of our lives. He stands gently beside us holding our hand in His letting us know how much He loves and cares for us. We are never alone! I find great comfort by willingly placing my hand in the hand of my heavenly Father as I know He will guide and direct me by the gentle tug of His hand. As the hand of my earthly father often provided comfort, direction, approval and provision, it also produced correction and reproof. So it is with our Lord; we must allow His hand to not only comfort but also reprove. I Samuel 5:11 refers to the “heavy” hand of God. Ezra 7:9 refers to the “good” hand of God.


We have all observed small children angrily pulling their hand away from their parents in defiance of not being allowed to have their own way. God, help us not to withdraw from you and rely on our own thoughts that will only lead to destruction. “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:6



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