My Love Box  

            As young college students, funds were scarce and frivolities were rare; so it was with great excitement that my fiancé surprised me with a beautiful red, heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day in the year 1967. My roommate also received one from her special guy, and we both admired their thoughtfulness and cherished our gifts. The chocolates were wonderful, but it was the box that held my fascination. After indulging in the chocolate candy, the empty box became a special keepsake. Being hundreds of miles apart for several months before our wedding, the red box became a precious container for our many hand-written love letters during our time apart. The intriguing world of e-mail had not yet been discovered; therefore we painstakingly hand wrote our sentiments of love several times a week. Even though we were miles apart, the letters promised that we would soon be together again. The letters that I received became special tokens of love to me. Forty-two years later I still have the box in my possession filled with the adoring letters from the handsome suitor who became my life-long husband. Although the years have taken a toll on the box, it nevertheless still holds a special place in my heart as a reminder of our shared love. Tattered and worn it remains a container of something I hold dear . . . my love box.

            It is not always the container that is important as much as the content. I am reminded of the many Bibles that I have in my possession. I find it impossible to part with any of my Bibles no matter how old, frayed or threadbare they become. You see they contain precious love letters from my dearest and best friend and Savior. I have spent hours reading and re-reading the letters He wrote to me and have found them to be a source of joy, comfort, encouragement and inspiration. And even though we are not together in the flesh, He has promised me that He will soon return; and our time together will be enjoyed for eternity. Although the package may not be appealing and pleasant to the eye, the content is valuable beyond measure and has become a treasure never to be discarded. My love box.



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