Old Plans, Fresh Starts


By: Wanda Fielder



     We have just been given a brand new year, another month, a fresh page on the calendar. I love a new calendar and make every attempt to write my schedule in neat and orderly print. It is refreshing to see the clean, white pages with neat little notations. My life begins to once again feel balanced and in order. Last year my son and daughter-in-law gave us a photo calendar. Each month had a precious picture of our grandchildren. It was very special to us, and I tried extra hard to keep it neat.

     Even with my added effort somehow my 2009 calendar had become quite cluttered. Invariably after just a short time, there were scratches, cross outs, smudges, and my ever-so-neat special calendar began to look like all the former ones. What happened? Life! We might as well accept that no matter that our plans are to do everything properly; life sends a few curve balls our way, and we find ourselves off schedule and not quite so tidy. Canceled appointments, schedule changes, sickness and more require our daily routine to be modified. Our well-made plans have to be diverted and give room to the more important issue of the day.

     It is easy to become discouraged or disillusioned when our plans or resolutions do not come to fruition as we expect. Disappointment need not be the ruler of the day. This is when it is time to take the old plans and make a fresh start. You may have begun the year with a resolve to have a daily devotional and prayer time with God. In the very first week, you may have lost track by heavy schedules or detours of the day. Do not be discouraged! You just pick up the old plans and make a fresh start. It reminds me of the first day of the month with the clean page on the calendar. I love February 1 st when I once again get a fresh page. Again on March 1 st, another fresh page. Time and again our plans are thwarted, but that does not mean an ignoring of those plans. Start anew!

     God loves the sacrifices we make for Him, and our efforts to draw near to Him will always be rewarded. Just pick up your old plans and make a fresh start!

          Happy New Year!



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