One Minute at a Time



By: Jane Buford

      Daylight Savings Time, when we set our clocks ahead one hour during the summer months, is observed in about seventy countries worldwide. Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea in 1784 while he was an American delegate in Paris. He often said, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” He half-jokingly suggested that the Parisians shift their sleep schedules an hour back in order to save on candles in the evening.


Yes, you have heard this question – Where have the months of January and February gone? Time goes one minute at a time. Since the first two months of this year are behind us, what can we do for the coming month? Let us take it one minute at a time. We can start the day with praise in our heart and end the day the same way. During the day, we can make each minute count for God. Let us put our stakes down deep here on earth as we anticipate the great hope of His returning. Could it be that He returns today? We know that the day of the Lord’s coming will be unexpected. That is what we are living for. We want to be ready for that “minute!”

What can we do in one minute? Hug a friend. Send an encouraging email. Smile at a stranger. Shout out praise to the Lord! Invite someone to church. Tell our children we love them. Share a Scripture with friends and strangers. Post a praise report on Facebook. Give thanks. Read a Psalm.

Wanda Holderman wrote - Every minute, there are 710 computers purchased, 168 million emails sent, 1400 "redbox" movie discs rented, 950 "e-bay" purchases, 11 "XBOX" consoles sold, 38 tons of e-waste created, 4,000 USB devices obtained, 11 million conversations on "instant messaging,” $219,000 of total payments on "paypal," 2,500 ink cartridges sold, and 81 ipads/925 iphones sold.


When all the Israelites saw the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord returning to their camp, they shouted for joy so loudly it made the ground shake. The Philistines asked, “What’s all the shouting about in the Hebrew camp?” When they were told the Ark of the Lord had returned, they panicked (I Samuel 4:5). When we love God with our whole heart, we love His appearing. We do not have to follow the Philistine’s pattern.

This month let us proclaim that the Lord is coming soon! We broadcast the good news to everyone we meet and make every minute count!

Today could be the day of His return!


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