Peace in the Storm



By: Wanda Fielder

      The news media is presently filled with updates on the dreaded approaching storm they have dubbed “Sandy”. We have carefully watched You Tube videos and internet news keeping apprised of the situation with concern for our East coast friends. I was contemplating on how we were having such a beautiful day in northern Indiana while our New York friends were preparing for predictably one of their worst storms. It was hard to even imagine such treacherous weather when the sun was shining so brightly in our area. We had peace in the midst of their storm.


      Life often sends treacherous storms our direction, and the upheaval to our family or churches can be so devastating. Thinking on past storms I remember the worry, sleepless nights, wondering the outcome and feeling so troubled. After realizing that I was trying to weather the storm all alone, I finally turned it over to the Master who was in control from the beginning. Sweet peace would come to my heart even though the storm still raged. Sometimes it took me a while to give up my “control” of the storm and leave it with the Peace Speaker.


      It is intriguing to read in Mark chapter four as the Bible describes a “great” storm of wind and waves. I must admit that I do not like to be on the water during a storm; therefore I can surely understand the fear the disciples were experiencing even to the point of being agitated with the Master thinking that he cared not. Ironically, I actually experienced a boat trip across the Sea of Galilee when a storm was on the horizon. We were anxious to quickly get to the other side. However, when the Peace Speaker is in your boat, why worry? It only took three small words, Peace, Be Still, for the storm to dissolve. Even though He was present in the midst of their storm, He waited and permitted the storm to rage until the disciples cried out to Him to still the storm.


      If you are presently in the eye of a storm, may I encourage you to call on the Peace Speaker and Master of the storm. Jesus has the voice of authority over the elements of nature whether physically or spiritually. He doesn’t always remove the storm, but He does remove the fear and replace it with His sweet peace. You can have peace during your storm! Ask now!

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