Wow! How young that sounds! And to think that I used to think that sixty was old!

This past year found me surviving six decades. I don’t feel like the old woman that I had pictured in my mind at sixty. (However, my mirror says that I do resemble her.)

By: Corliss Williams

I was reminded once again as I attended the funeral of a dear leader among us, Sister Vera Kinzie, the fact that the generation before me will soon all be gone. My own mother preceded Sister Kinzie in death three months prior. It is an astonishing realization that “we” are quickly becoming the “elder” ladies. These were the ones that I admired and watched.

A sign on my bedroom wall reads, “Here’s to a good woman, May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them”. Underneath it sits a picture of four generations in my family. (My mother, myself, my daughter and granddaughter.)

If our spiritual eyes could somehow be opened - If we could envision the impact that we make on the next generation, and the next, we would probably take more time and effort in our daily living.

My two year-old granddaughter will mimic my actions. I am amazed at how quickly children repeat something they have seen. The other day my darling little Haley was praying all hunched over with her hands on her chest, “Oh, oh, my God…”.

There is a popular saying that children learn by what they see, not by what they hear. We set an example everyday by what we do!

When Jesus took his garment off and used it as a towel to wash the feet of his disciples, they were shocked and protested, “We should be washing your feet!” He told them that He was doing it for an example for them. Nothing He said could or would have more power than the actions they saw each day. They watched quietly as He did this humble deed.

Be careful of your actions. We are the generation that someone is watching.

How quickly “sixty” arrives!


Corliss is the wife of C. Patton Williams, who is the superintendent of the Florida district UPCI. She is also the Ladies President of the Florida district.


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