Sharing Your Smile

By:  Wanda Fielder

Has your day ever been brightened by just a tiny little smile offered by a friend, family member or even a stranger?  Mine has!  Deep in thought with my mind a million miles away I have looked up to a smile that brought cheer to my mundane day.  I have been put completely at ease in an uncomfortable situation by a little smile shared with me. 

A smile may be given as a reward for good behavior, an opening for friendship, or simply a quiet greeting, but its benefits are many.   Your personality shines through your smile or lack thereof.  A smile can offer assurance and calm in a troubled situation or approval with no spoken words.  A small child waiting to perform in a school or church program can quickly find confidence by being offered a smile from a parent or friend.

A smile can also be contagious!  It is rather hard to receive a smile and not return the same although it does occasionally happen.  When a smile is not returned to me, I assume that individual is a most unhappy or troubled person.  More than ever, he/she needs my smile offered to them.  A smile is a means of communication that we each possess.

Laughter begins with a smile, and we all can use more laughter.  The Bible instructs us that a merry heart is like a medicine.   The emotions of joy, happiness, delight are all associated with smiling.  Looking at very old photos it seems that one significant thing that is missing is a smile.  I have often wondered why our elders did not smile in their pictures.  Almost everyone looks more attractive with a smile!

Scatter smiles along your path today.  You never know whose lives you will brighten.  Making a conscious effort to smile will not only make you feel better, but it will also encourage those you encounter.  A smile is supportive, encouraging, reassuring and most always welcome.  A smile costs nothing but offers so much to the recipient.

So . . .  SMILE!



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