Special Moments

By:  Wanda Fielder

Moment – an indefinitely short period of time; an instant.

     Life is made up of literally billions of moments in time, short and fleeting; and our eternal destination is determined by how these moments are spent.  Each of us is guilty of wasting precious moments by allowing other concerns to interfere with the present event.
     There have been so many special moments in my life that I consider highlights to never be forgotten.  Receiving the awesome gift of the Holy Spirit has to be the greatest moment I have ever experienced followed by marriage, my children’s births, and the arrival of grandchildren.  These are some of the grand events that stand out, however, there are so many short moments that comprise happy memories for me. 

     How are you spending the moments?  A special touch of the Lord in a Sunday church service; was it ignored or embraced?  The tug of a tiny hand desiring your complete attention; was it an annoyance or recognized as a special time to be encountered?  The awakening in the middle of the night; did you strive to go back to sleep or acknowledge God’s presence and spend time with Him?

     Your future will consist of the choices made during these special moments.  Choose wisely, and take the time to smell the roses along the way.  Although transient and quickly vanishing the result of a special moment may be life transforming.  It is up to you!




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