Stepping Out of Our

Comfort Zone


By:  Jenny Teets

How many times have we heard it said, someone couldn't get out of their “comfort zone?”
I was musing on this today. How did I get into such a place myself? Why did I suddenly feel I was so tired of this place? Who or what put me there? Why had I grown into the idea of being “comfortable” in this “comfort zone?”

Don’t get me wrong; springing forth into another zone isn’t for everyone. Many people get into a familiar rut that they are emotionally happy with. Hey, if it’s working for them and works for everyone around them, it may not even be a bad thing. But I’m talking about being too comfortable in your situation to even explore new friendships, hobbies, travel, freedom from illnesses. or even different laptops!

I’ll confess, being a widow scared the living daylights out of me, way before I actually lost my husband! How convenient was it to hide myself behind his outgoing personality? After his death, I was faced with the, I thought I knew so well. I did know the basics. But God always has better ideas. No, he didn’t call me to preach. I still don’t know what he’s asking me to do, but after a year of grief, a couple years of seclusion from COVID, I began to stir from the chains that bound me to my comfort zone. I threw off my mask a long time ago. I’ll keep the blingy one my daughter bought for me as a good reminder of my disgust at COVID.

But this feeling I’m trying to explain here is, although I landed here unintentionally, through bouts of asthma, coughing and PMR, and the weight gain with steroids, I grew sick of the confinement. I began to pray more earnestly to bust out like a jailbird from this zone that was anything but comfortable.

Guess what? God heard my pitiful pleas! The PMR (look it up) disappeared so gradually, I almost didn’t realize it! Then after 2 years with an allergist, one day she looked at me totally baffled. She said, “Jenny, I have tried everything I know of,” but she was still unable to figure out why I continued to cough. Finally, she said, I’m going out on a limb and try one more thing. She suspected a hiatal hernia was a greater problem than she knew. She put me on a 2-week trial of a drug, and the very next day my coughing stopped! When I went back we both were so thrilled to finally have found the answer! We’ve become good friends! Lol The weight is falling off rapidly thanks to getting off steroids too!

This is lengthy, but my prison was a lengthy term too! God. But God! My husband preached this sermon once…. But God!!

Lift up your eyes to a higher plain than you’re living on now! If you are feeling confined, ask God if you couldn’t be a better and happier person by letting Him lift you up on higher ground.

Step out of your comfort zone, and see where God may take you!


Jenny Teets is mother of 4 children and grandmother of 7.  She and her husband last pastored New Life Apostolic Church in NYC for 26 years. They were missionaries to Uruguay for 6 years and have also pastored other churches in USA.  Jenny received a master’s degree in Philosophy at Queens College in NYC.  She was the Ladies President of NY Metro District for 12 years and has authored a book, “Married to Ministry.”



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