Swiftly Passing

By:  Wanda Fielder

For years I have heard the statement “time is swiftly passing by.”  As a young person, I couldn’t grasp the depth of those words and brushed them aside nonchalantly.  It didn’t take long, however, to understand the full meaning of those five small words.  And now I find myself quoting those same words to uncomprehending youth.


As a child, one feels that time is dragging by so slowly that dreams will never be fulfilled.  I can well recall the longing to become a teenager.  Then the dream was to date, and then, of course, to be married.  It seemed like that was so far in the future, although I was a married woman at the young age of nineteen and now celebrate forty-nine years with the man of my dreams!  My next dream was to become a mother, and it was a long nine years after marriage until that was fulfilled.  Nevertheless, one by one my dreams were achieved.  I now find myself at the stage of life with the added titles, mother-in-law and Nana.  And yes, I still agree that time is swiftly passing.


If you would permit me to offer any piece of advice, it would simply be – make the most of your life!  Enjoy the moments, because the moments make the years!  Too often time is wasted harboring ill feelings and an unforgiving spirit to loved ones until the moment comes that it is too late to make amends.  It is so unnecessary to live a life of regret.


Fulfill your dreams, accomplish your goals, and head toward new horizons.  Foremost in importance is what we do for God.  Once again I remind you that time is swiftly passing by.  John 9:4 boldly declares, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day:  the night cometh, when no man can work.”  If your goal is to draw closer to Him, do it now.  If you desire to win a soul to God, start now.  Do you want to read the entire Bible through?  Perfect timing!  Begin now!



Time is swiftly passing by!









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