Teachable Moments


By: Miranda Williams

We do not like to be taught a lesson when we have failed, but sometimes God allows us to go through things to teach us so we will finally learn. These moments are not usually pleasant, but are necessary. Teachable moments are sometimes like mom saying, “Wait until your dad gets home.” These moments are growing moments. Our capabilities as humans are limited. God made us that way so we would rely on Him.

We adopted our son in 2017. He was eight when we brought him home. He had eight years of bad teaching. We had no idea how life was about to change. Our biological daughter was nine at the time and life would probably change more for her than anyone. I will never forget the day our daughter gave us all a teachable moment. Our son came with more emotional baggage than one can imagine. He opened our eyes to behavior we thought was impossible. This particular day, he had what we would call a melt-down. Our daughter who is normally a very quiet, non-approaching individual apparently had enough. A moment where we were at a loss, but God used her to calm the situation. I had never seen her this way. She walked into the room and began to cry. With her calm voice she began to talk to him about love. Her words stopped me in my anger and feeling of failing as his mother. She told him about the love of parents and how we are there to mold him and shape him to become who God wants him to be.

This moment will forever be in my thoughts. God used a nine-year old girl to completely change our moment. God used this as a teachable moment for all four of us. It taught our daughter the value of being used by God, my husband and me that God had it under control, and our son that whether or not he trusted or believed, he was loved. This is a moment in which we needed a lesson in the love of God and how our limited human abilities were not going to be enough. It may seem like a small moment to some, but in that moment, it was a huge lesson.

Teachable moments come to us in different ways. It may not be what you think or how you would like it, but let it teach you a lesson. Be encouraged even through the moments when God is teaching you a hard lesson.


Miranda and her husband Darrin, live in Marion, Indiana. They have pastored First Pentecostal Church for eleven years. She is mother to Anna (15) and Jakub (14). She loves to remodel homes, cook and travel.



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