Temporary Dwellings


By: Donna Myre


Placing the palm of my right hand firmly against the wall’s cool, clammy plaster for balance, I carefully descended the two flights of stairs.  Upon reaching the bottom, I began the long walk down the dimly lit hallway.  With quick silent steps, I headed toward my destination.  Would it be locked?  Had someone arrived before me?  My hand gripped the rusty old doorknob.  As I forced it to turn, the old knob loudly creaked, trying to announce my intention to enter.  I pressed all of my weight against the door and was relieved when it swung open.  I was happy to discover the room was empty!

No, you haven’t just read the introduction to a mystery thriller.  You have only read a description of my daily venture to the shower room of the ancient apartment complex we lived in during our Bible college days.  Because this notorious shower room was shared with three other Bible school families, showers were not that easy to come by!

Many years removed from the situation, it is humorous to recall that two-room dwelling that we called “home.”  Vivid memories live forever in my mind of its plastic curtains, two stoves (one stove with an oven that worked and burners that didn’t; the other stove with burners that worked and an oven that didn’t!), and the holey (not as in the Bible) walls!

During my stay at that particular temporary home and the numerous others that followed, I would always have strong urges to dive into redecorating and remodeling projects.  Continually, I had to remind myself that these dwellings were only temporary locations and that expensive redecorating projects would not be a wise investment of time and money.

Our life here on earth is also temporary.  In Matthew 6:19-20 we are told,  “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.”  Earth is a temporary dwelling place for us to prepare for an eternal home in heaven.  I like to think of this world as a large dressing room for the biggest event of my life – meeting Jesus Christ, my creator and my Savior.

While beautiful spacious homes equipped with all of the latest appliances and furnishings make life more enjoyable and convenient, let us constantly be reminded of where our investments are being made.  That same book of Matthew also says,

“for what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

Donna has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and assists her husband in pastoring a growing church in Paris, Texas.  This article is reprinted by permission from her book, “Celebrating Life.”



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