The Journey Begins From Within


By: Gayla Foster



Simply perishing from lack of knowledge , we dig our own graves with forks and knives. We have no clue that morning sluggishness and afternoon sleepiness are directly connected to bad eating habits we have established. Constantly feeling drained, many people stagger around with no energy or ability to concentrate. Our moods and emotions are up and down. It’s a vicious cycle. We are driven to use caffeine for crankiness, sugar for slumps and aspirin for aches. In your journey to elegant health you go forward…b y going back to the Bible!


The Map

In making the journey towards good health, follow reliable and dependable road markers from the Bible for rebuilding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not “diet”. God’s Word is so down-to-earth and provides us with an umbrella of protection for our physical well-being. We suffer unnecessarily with poor health because we do not follow the basic principles of health taught in the Bible. As a reference book, the Bible is the most valuable volume in the world today! As you adhere to God’s Word, know that you are on the right road and press patiently onward every day! And remember the shortest route to Good Health is God’s Natural Route! God’s way cannot be improved.


The Vehicle

God has given specific instructions for the care and maintenance of our bodies, His vehicles, through which we accomplish His work. If the enemy can “wreck” our health and we are always “broken-down” or “in the shop”, wholehearted service to God is hindered. Through God’s simple plan of living, low blood sugar, Candida yeast, bladder and kidney infections, chronic fatigue, PMS and other ailments cannot survive in a body disciplined in right choices.


The Fuel

You can’t put a handful of dirt in your gas tank and expect it to run smoothly. It is important to put right foods in our body to:

  • Build and repair tissues
  • Give fitness and vitality
  • Promote heat and energy

This equips the body to better serve God in prayer and soul-winning.


Did you know that simple foods are the healthiest? These include grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs. On the other hand rich foods such as heavy meats, creams, fats and sweets are harmful to one’s overall health. Interestingly enough, the Bible refers to simple foods as Servant s’ food and rich foods as Kings’ food . (see Proverbs 23:3). Do not allow food or circumstances to control you! Don’t poison and punish yourself by making wrong choices!



Health is a journey. It may take a while to completely eliminate the problems you are experiencing, so allow yourself time. You can succeed if you change a little each week. Progress is the key- not perfection- especially when you are trying to change a life-long habit. Be convinced, you can feel better!


Reliable and Dependable Markers for the Journey





SEEK foods made by God, not by man

Food for the Soul

Isa. 55:2

EAT with temperance. It’s not Quantity, but Quality

Controls weight

Prov. 25:16

CHEW and chew food well

Aids in digestion

I Cor. 10:31

DRINK over 64oz. of water daily…God’s perfect beverage

Cleans out toxins

Prov. 25:21

EXERCISE outside, breathe in fresh air and sunlight

Tonic for the body

Prov 19:15

SLEEP 7 to 9 hours uninterrupted hours nightly

Renews strength

Prov. 3:21-24

DETOXIFY – Stop ingesting toxins and rid your body those you have

Cleanses the body

Ps. 51:7

PRAY, LOVE, LAUGH and FORGIVE – What you eat is not nearly as important as what is eating you!

Supplies energy

Prov. 17:22


Road-Side Assistance

Chicken Soup for the Sick:

(Helps relieve colds and flu symptoms)


1¼ qt chicken broth

¼ cup chopped onions

¼ cup celery

¼ tsp white pepper

sea salt or (vege sal)

4 oz. cooked chicken (chopped)

4 oz. brown rice uncooked


Heat chicken broth. Combine chicken broth and vegetables. Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Add rice, chicken and pepper. Simmer 10 minutes or until rice is tender. Serve hot.



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