The Lesson from the Pool

By: Wanda Fielder


     It is always interesting to observe the earth below from the vantage point of an airplane window. Frequently I choose a window seat when flying, so that I may enjoy that privilege. I am always amazed at the perfectly-outlined yards, the winding streets, row upon row of houses and a myriad of other displays when returning to my Chicago point of departure. On one particular flight something else caught my attention as we remained in a holding pattern over the magnificent city of Chicago. Beautiful brilliant turquoise water from a backyard swimming pool stood out as a focal point amongst the dark, drab buildings and otherwise prosaic structures. Upon viewing the loveliness of the water from the sky above, I began to search for other pools within my view and was astounded by the variety of water color in the various pools. The range of colors went from a pale light blue color to the lovely turquoise and from a murky green color to a very nasty shade of brown. They were all in the same neighborhood, received the same rainfall and sunshine, yet looked entirely different to the viewer. What could be the difference? The answer was simple; it was in the care and maintenance.


     Perhaps God is looking down at us from the heavens above just as I was peering from the aircraft window. The view from above can be quite revealing when all is sprawled forth with no distractions. Looking directly down from the sky it is difficult to determine the difference in height of tall buildings or trees or vehicles. It is all on one level. When standing on the ground a towering tree full of leaves might block the view of the house beside it, but looking down from above it is all in full observation.


     What would God’s view of our lives be as he glimpses from His heavenly throne to our earthly dwellings? Would it be an outstanding brilliant turquoise full of beauty and loveliness, or would it be like the murky and muddy pool water that was disgusting and unappealing? Satan has a way of turning a life to its darkest and ugliest manner destroying all beauty and leaving a tarnished and blemished heap alone and desolate, however, God can make beauty from ashes and purity from stain. All things are new in Him!


When we still had small children at home, we had a backyard swimming pool, and I well remember the time that it took for maintenance and upkeep. Clear sparkling blue water could very quickly become discolored and disgusting simply from the lack of care. It is no different with our lives; if we do not take the time to maintain our spiritual walk with the Lord, we become stagnant, stale and polluted. Just a little time with Jesus on a daily basis will keep us fresh, lovely and attractive in our spirits and cause us to be an effective witness to the casual viewer. But of greater significance is how God perceives us as He observes from above. A daily dose of prayer, Bible reading and study will bring vibrant color to your life enhancing you to be beautiful in God’s eyes.



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