The Lily of the Valley


By: Wanda Fielder


If given a choice, most of us would choose the exhilaration of the mountain top experiences over our times in the valley.  Reaching the summit of life’s occurrences is joyful and fulfilling compared to the dark and low valley experiences.  However, to reach the next mountain requires persistent travel through the valley.  For instance, the mountain-top joy of a newborn child required nine months of discomfort for the mother-to-be.  High School graduation was perpetuated by twelve years of disciplined study.  Significant job promotion is acquired most frequently by years of labor and toil in valley experiences.  One can only climb to the top of the mountain following his or her trek through the valley.  After every mountain, it is imperative to once again contend with a valley.

While walking through the valley spiritually, it is momentous to discover the Lily of the Valley, Jesus Christ. In the natural, the Lily of the Valley bloom has a sweet and fragrant strong scent, and it is commonly known for its pure white color.  Long considered a beautiful flower, it has also been noted to have medicinal qualities that were used in ancient times.

Jesus Christ has become my personal Lily of the Valley.  His loveliness and purity is beyond compare allowing us to capture the sweet fragrance of His presence.  No doubt that is why the psalmist David recorded, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”  David had no doubt experienced a journey through the valley in which he encountered the Lily of the Valley.

Learning to lean on the Lord during times of crisis, trouble and torment requires determination and persistence but is always without fail worth the effort.  He will be there to meet you if you simply look for Him.  Time in the valley is temporary; even David referred to it as a shadow and worded it as going ‘through’ the valley.  You are not taking up residence there.  Allow it to become a time of learning as valley experiences always have a purpose even though unseen.  Assuredly the Lily is in the Valley; I met Him there!


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