The Trust Factor

By: Donna Myre

My husband enjoys flying on commercial airlines as well as piloting small air crafts himself. I, on the other hand, understand very little about aviation and cannot honestly say flying is on my “favorite things to do” list. Actually my mind can hardly fathom the fact that such mammoth air crafts can even lift off the runway. Nevertheless, though I do not understand flying, I can’t count the number of times I have climbed aboard an airplane. Upon entering the plane and locating my seat, I settle back, buckle up, and usually begin reading. I place the responsibility of my safe arrival in the hands of the pilot, and he chooses the route we will travel. Though I do not personally understand aerodynamics, I have confidence in the person piloting the airplane. I sit back and try to relax while placing my trust in what someone else knows!

For the most part, my numerous flights have been basically smooth and somewhat relaxing. However, I have been on a few that have encountered storms. At such times the pilot decides which course of action is best and safest. Forever imprinted into my memory is a terrifying flight I experienced traveling from California to Ohio. Our pilot’s voice came over the intercom to say that we were about to experience some turbulence. He explained that it was not possible to rise above the storm or drop below it because there were planes above and below us. It was necessary that we pass through the storm. Needless to say, the “passing through” was one more memorable experience! The icy fingers of fear clutched at my heart, and my mind began doubting the pilot’s decision. Thankfully, he successfully maneuvered our plane through the storm, and we did arrive safe and sound. Well, maybe not totally mentally sound but, nevertheless, safe!

Soon after that experience, I realized that my faith journey has some similar parallels to airplane flights. Heaven is my ultimate destination; Jesus is my pilot. He knows the best route for my life. There may be times when He lifts me above life’s storms and other times when He decides to let me experience some scary turbulence. I must trust in what He knows to be best for me. One dictionary I consulted defined the word trust as, an unquestioning belief in someone’s ability, strength, or integrity. Trust comes easily when I understand what is going on, but real trust is an unquestioning belief in God even when I do not understand what is happening in my world. During those times when nothing seems to make sense and I feel as if I am flying upside down, I suppose I should take the advice I have heard the flight attendants give many times; “please remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened.” I can rest assured that God has it all in control.


Donna Myre and her husband Robert reside in Paris, Texas, where they have pastored the United Pentecostal Church of Paris for 36 years.  Donna holds a BS in Education and enjoyed teaching high school as well as being a featured writer for Reflections magazine.  She is currently the Ladies Ministries President of North Texas District UPCI.  Donna greatly enjoys being the mother of two daughters, and is delighted to have seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.



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