Time to Debug!


     Computers…….what an incredible and fascinating invention! At the touch of a button I can converse with hundreds of friends, view the interior of an upscale resort hotel, check my on-line calendar for the day’s events, or read the latest world events. I can send the picture of my grandson with birthday cake smeared all over his face to my parents who could not attend his party, or I can view your treasured on-line photo albums. With just my small laptop computer, I am able to compose letters, create a spread sheet of financial reports, or file away hundreds of communications to be stored forever.

By: Wanda Fielder

     Much of my time is spent working on the computer taking care of church business, Ladies Ministries, updating my web site, planning a vacation, or just whatever I want to do. My work has been interrupted on several occasions recently with a little pop-up box that simply states: A runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug? Then there are two choices below….yes or no. NO, I don’t have time to debug! Quit bothering me! (That’s what I feel like saying!) So I click on the no button. It excuses my impatience and allows me to continue the activity that I was involved in. It is not long, however, before the pop-up box appears again, and once again I click the no button.

    Since I haven’t taken care of the runtime error, the annoying little box begins to appear more frequently; and I continue to click and click again on my answer in the negative. Now I am getting really frustrated at this intrusion of my space and time. Why can’t you just leave me alone? I am busy! I can’t be bothered by such trivial pursuit.

    Finally I come to the realization that if I don’t want to be disturbed by this infringement of my time, I just need to take care of the problem! It’s time to debug! So I give in and proceed to discovering the dilemma of my computer and solving the problem.

    How often has God tried to interrupt our busy schedules with a little pop-up reminder, “Hey, you need to debug!”? Perhaps we push the thought aside while we continue doing what we think is best. Again He comes along and whispers in our ear, “You better take time to correct the glitches!” “You’ve allowed some “bugs” in your life that are hindering your walk with me.” And again we ignore the signs and persist in doing our thing.

    When we do not give our computers the proper care and upkeep, they will eventually become sluggish and perhaps even crash leaving us with a lifeless piece of equipment. In our own spiritual lives, it is no different. We’ve got to take the time to debug and eliminate the things that bog us down and interfere with optimum service. We also become sluggish, burnt out or even dead spiritually if we do not maintain the needed upkeep.

    Take time out of your busy schedule for repentance, renewal, revival, or just daily upkeep. Debug! You will find that everything operates more smoothly, and even our attitude is better and our motives are pure. What an exhilarating feeling it is to know that we are in tune with Him!


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