What Does It Mean to Be Free?

By:  Wanda Fielder

What is your definition of freedom?  The meaning certainly has distinctions according to your age.  For instance the following may perhaps be defining for each age group.

  • Toddler – Freedom is being allowed out of the highchair or stroller to wander a few steps unattached.
  • Teenager – They might define freedom as a later than normal curfew or having the keys to the car.
  • Young Adult – Often freedom to the young adult comes from no longer having to answer to a parent and being able to make his/her own choices without restraint.
  • Older Adult – Freedom might come in the form of financial security and being able to do what is desired.
Freedom comes in many forms, but consider what it means to have spiritual freedom.  The guidelines of the Word of God and direction from godly leadership can sometimes be misinterpreted as binding and confining.  I choose to look at it as protection.  I appreciate the boundaries taught to me that are meant to not keep me in but to keep the world out.

So my definition of freedom is being able to abide by God’s Word uninhibited and enjoying the benefits of such living.  It does not mean no limitations or boundaries but the ability and strength to do what is right.  We have the liberty to remove lines, but it comes with consequences.  God created us with the freedom to make our own choices.  Lets enjoy true freedom by choosing to serve Him!    



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