I remember the Christmas I asked for both a baby doll AND clothes. Growing up is such a clumsy feeling! In some ways I wanted to be mature and responsible, but mostly I knew I was only “playing a game”. I remember getting all dressed up, checking my appearance in my mirror, and approving my looks, all to walk out the door feeling ugly and uncertain.That was me at any time between the ages of 11 to 15. Studies have shown that this is also the age group when girls solidify opinions that will last for the rest of their lives. They will base almost every decision they make on what they learn during this time.

Written By: Denee’ Richardson, Director

     During this time of her life, a girl can make a decision that should only require a little restriction from the telephone or internet, but instead can plague them for decades to come. The enemy of their soul can use these immature decisions to make girls feel guilty and inadequate, stunting their spiritual growth and leadership.

     What if they had heard something beforehand that made them ready for that temptation? What if a girl was empowered by the gift of knowledge, and that knowledge led her around the normal pitfalls of our society? I think that such a girl would be so much further along in her abilities. I see that girl not intimidated to teach a Sunday School class. I see that girl confident in her ability to lead her classmates to Christ. I see a girl addicted to the ministry of the saints.

     There is a conference in Belleview, Florida, for girls, ages 11 thru 15, and their moms and leaders, called Hadassah. At this “princess focused” conference there are two sets of classes for the girls to attend: Personal Confidence and Ministry Purpose. The Personal Confidence classes include: hair care and fixing, how to make money and set goals, the proper manicure & pedicure, skin care, and more! The Ministry Purpose classes include: praise singing, being a hostess, sign language, stix (dowel rods), drama, art, and more! The activities learned in the Ministry Purpose classes are then put to use in that evening’s event.

     The evening’s events are a church service where Sis. Cyvonne Davy will preach, an all girl band will lead the worship, and God’s presence will draw us closer to Him! The Fuzzy Slipper party follows the service and is basically a slumber party with a bedtime. The prayer meeting that follows the Fuzzy Slipper party will be one that they will never forget. The Royal Banquet is a formal affair where all girls and ladies are encouraged to don modest “prom-style” dresses, tiaras, and enjoy the magic and beauty of being a daughter of the King of kings!

     The final and most important activity of Hadassah is the Coronation. The Coronation is a Rite of Passage ceremony where 15 year old girls are given a calla lily by their mother to symbolize their purity and are crowned by their father to symbolize their spiritual authority within the kingdom of God. (Whatever they bind or loose on earth will be bound or loosed in Heaven!) During the conference, these 15 year old girls will receive special classes and training that includes the classes mentioned earlier as well as their own added topics.

     Girls are allowed to attend without their mom, but we know that moms need direction for guiding their daughters thru this stage in their lives – and that girls need their moms! There is a parenting class each day for moms (and leaders of girls) to receive wisdom and knowledge to make them feel as empowered and confident to do this job as is possible.

     The dates of Hadassah are July 5, 6, and 7, 2007. You can register online @ www.hadassahgirl.com. You can also register by emailing taylor@hadassahgirl.com. If you have questions, you can contact angel@hadassahgirl.com. The church’s website is www.SoulsHarborfpc.com.




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