Patriotic Cake Pops

  • 50 cookie sticks
  • Red candy melt*
  • White or Caribbean candy melt*
  • Navy blue candy coloring (Use with white or Caribbean blue candy melt to make navy blue chocolate)
  • White cookie icing (optional)
  • White sugar sprinkles
  • 1 can prepared vanilla frosting
  • Favorite cake recipe or cake mix (plus ingredients)
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie sheet

*Available at your local Party City store .



1. Prep the cake. Bake cake as directed on package. When completely cool, break the cake into crumbs by hand in a large bowl. Mix in full can of frosting until well blended.

2. Make cake balls. Roll the cake mixture into 50 1-inch balls and place on waxed paper.

3. Melt the candy melts as directed. For the "stars" of your flag, use either white or Carribean blue candymaking melting chocolate colored dark blue using navy blue oil based candy color according to package directions. For the "stripes" pops, use the red candy melts.

4. Add the sticks. Dip a cookie stick about 1/2 inch into warm candy melt and insert the stick into the rounded part of a cake ball. Repeat for remaining cake balls.

5. Cool the pops. Place the cake pops in the freezer for about 10 minutes, or in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, to firm.

6. Add a second layer of chocolate. Once the pops are firm, remove from the fridge/freezer and dip each into the melted chocolate, tapping excess chocolate off.

7. Prop up pops. Place pops cake end down, on waxed paper while the chocolate is still slightly warm, so the candy hardens into a flat surface at the top (this will help your pops stand up when serving).

8. Sprinkle on the stars. Finish the blue pops with white sprinkles or sparkles before chocolate coating hardens.

9. Drizzle on the stripes. Drizzle white cookie icing or white chocolate over the red pops after chocolate coating hardens.

10. Make your flag fly! Line up your pops to create the Stars & Stripes on a tray.




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