A Passion For Revival

By: Mary Hudson


     Another Wave of  Revival”, written by Frank Bartleman,  is just one of the books written at the turn of the century in regard to the deep move of God experienced back then that swept America and the world. I love to read the stories and testimonies of those who experienced the Azusa Street revivals! The fervency, passion, and desire to see a move of God like nothing they had ever previously experienced intrigues me. Along with them, I too have the desire to have this passion burning in me and in my church family! It makes me excited to know that God CAN and WILL move like this again!  This move of the spirit made history. Back in 2000, Time Magazine recognized the Azusa Street Revival as one of the Top 100 things that have shaped and changed America in the last 100 years.  That is incredible, but that is what a real move of the Spirit will do!

            We have been given a gold mine of opportunity to minister in our cities and for missionaries, your countries! We have been blessed to experience a move of the spirit in America and around the world, but some may never experience this move of the spirit unless we get passionate enough to reach them and share with them this experience! Let “ Another Wave of Revival”sweep over us in Jesus name and see what God will do! Are you preparing yourself for this move...if so, get ready for the rain! I’m ready for a down pour!


Mary Hudson is married to Jonathan Hudson, and they pastor a growing church in Fishers, IN. Along with keeping busy as a pastor’s wife, she is the mother to two lovely children.



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