Pumpkin Decorating  



Have some fun redoing purchased pumpkins.  I purchased this pumpkin at Hobby Lobby and decided to give it a makeover.  This is the original pumpkin.  It wasn’t a bad look, but I wanted to glam it up a bit.



The first thing I did was to paint the stem gold. 
I used Liquid Leaf Classic Gold by Plaid. 
I also purchased this paint at Hobby Lobby.


Next, I purchased Deco Art acrylic paint by Americana in Lamp Black and used a basic white latex paint as well as the Liquid Leaf gold to paint every other section.
This is how it looked.


Finally, I added Triple Thick glaze to only the black and white.  Do not glaze the gold as it will lose its luster.  This is the finished product. 
(Spots are just from the lighting.)
It was a fun project!



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