In God We Trust

By: Corliss Williams

Inscribed in our money is the phrase, “In God We Trust”. When we hear about someone with a liberal agenda wanting to remove this from our currency, our righteous indignation rises and we hope and pray this never happens!

However, in our lives, I’m afraid that too often we do not fully trust Him in situations. We want to ‘fix’ the problem or take care of the situation now (our way) instead of waiting on Him.

Several years ago, my husband and I were spending the July 4th holiday with our dear friends, Allen and Denise Crabtree. The plan was to go out on their boat to watch fireworks. Literally hundreds of boats were anchored on the Bay that evening to capture the magnificent display.

The weather had been perfect, the Bay was as smooth as it could be but just as the fireworks ended another light display began…

The calmness of the bay vanished as the wind began to whip across the water. It was time to return to shore, but we were at least twenty minutes away. I remember seeing the landmarks in the distance as the water begin to lash against the side of the boat.

I do not swim and am afraid of deep water. Now I am trying to calm the panic I feel coming on. (Where did he say the life jackets were stored?) I had been out in a boat with the Crabtrees on many occasions, and I was confident that Allen knew how to handle this boat in the storm (he grew up on the Bay) and I also knew our safety mattered to him.

Often in our lives storms suddenly arise. We are shaken and afraid. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that God is the captain of this boat called life and He really cares about us and every situation we face. May we always remember “IN GOD WE TRUST”.





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