Beyond the Blessings


By: Wanda Fielder



Frequently in the beginning of my prayer time I find myself thanking God for all of His many blessings. We are definitely an abundantly blessed people with countless blessings to enumerate, and often our devotion to Him consists of listing them audibly. Being ever so grateful for each member of my family and in particular enjoying the joyfulness of two grandchildren, that is always a priority in my thankfulness. Having a lovely home, good-operating automobiles and an awesome church family and facilities provide another given in my prayer time. During the cold winter season, I am reminded to be thankful for the warmth granted especially when remembering those who are homeless. Food on the table is greatly appreciated. And the list goes on and on.

During a recent prayer session after going over my list of blessings, I felt the Lord prompt me with the question, “Do you love Me beyond the blessings?” But, of course, I do! And in my spirit I began to question myself. What if the blessings were taken away? My family, my home, my possessions, my church . . . could I exist without them? Would my love for Him be just as strong and unconditional? Those are significant questions to consider. I would like to answer quickly in the affirmative. It would be easy to answer yes without thinking through the total commitment and complete dedication required to do so. Easy to say but perhaps not quite so easily executed. Having observed close friends struggle through the devastating loss of a family member, it is comprehendible how difficult this circumstance could be.

God’s love for us was unconditional; what about our love for Him? He gave completely the ultimate gift of life for us who are so undeserving of that limitless love. We are thankful, we are grateful; but are we totally committed to Him? I now find myself after detailing all of my many blessings, beseeching God for one more thing. Oh, Lord, please help me to love you beyond the blessings! The blessings are not the reasons for loving Him. I John 4:19 boldly declares, We love him, because he first loved us. Oh, that my love for Him would be so pure, so strong, so unconditional. My heart’s desire is to love beyond the blessings!



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