By: Wanda Fielder



Are you one of those people who are adverse to change? Does it take you out of your comfort zone and place you in an area of discomfort and unrest? September is a month of change, and for many it is a time to get back into comfortable routines and is a month to which many look forward.

This month brought a change in my life . . . for the first time in eleven years we do not have one of our grandchildren daily in our home due to both attending school full time. Although a necessary change, it did bring a little sadness to my heart as I realized those wonderful times with our precious grands had come to a close as far as a daily basis, and we would now have to find other special times to spend with them. Would I want them to not attend school just to stay home with me? Of course not. Life goes on, and we must allow these essential changes to take place for proper growth and advancement.

Some have experienced changes that were excruciatingly painful to endure that brought closure to one era and opened the door to new horizons. New jobs, lost friendships and cross-country moves each have a level of change that requires great adjustment. Death, divorce or debilitating illness causes changes that require acceptance nonetheless unwanted. However painful these amendments to your life may be, it is necessary to proceed with optimism. Life goes on! Change is inevitable, and the final result will be according to your perception of it.

Have you ever been acquainted with a person who simply would not accept the changes that life threw at them? The result is usually a bitter individual that causes discomfort to those surrounding them. As distasteful and undesired as change may be, it is to our greatest advantage to accept the unavoidable and make the best of the new situation.

Not all change is negative! Many changes bring bright sunshine to our lives and untold happiness. The birth of my children and grandchildren was a major change but one of delight and joy. New jobs can offer positive changes as well as new friends, new homes, and different agendas.

Whatever the necessary changes you must endure, I pray that you will accept them gracefully. Jeremiah 29:11 declares, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” In God’s hands we are protected.



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