Deceived by a Beautiful Package


By: Wanda Fielder

   One of my personal delights during the Christmas season is the attraction of beautifully wrapped packages.  I have a great appreciation for someone taking the time to present a gift that has been made so lovely on the exterior. I often elegantly wrap an empty box and complete the package with magnificent ribbon tied into a gorgeous bow and place under my Christmas tree before actual gifts are even purchased.  It adds beauty to the décor with a look of class.

   As a young girl still at home, it seemed each year there was a specially wrapped package just for me. I should have caught on sooner, but as the year would go by, I would forget this family tradition.  You see, I have an intense dislike for the little critter known as a m.o.u.s.e.  I don’t even like to say the word!  I don’t like them in any form or fashion – not chocolate, not gummy, neither ceramic nor fur.  They are not cute!  My brother and sister thought it was so funny to wrap one stuffed creature into a most lovely present each year.  They would casually hand me my gift and explode with laughter at my instant screaming when the gift was opened.  Finally, my sweet mother came to my rescue and declared, “No more!”

   How important is the outer package of our life?  Does it even matter?  God is not deceived by the beautiful outer package when the inside is so corroded.  It is possible to fool those around you with the perfect exterior, but eventually the interior is revealed.  Please don’t misunderstand the importance of the outer package as the Bible clearly denotes the value of inward and outward holiness.  Oh, the beauty of a life well presented!  As the layers of our lives are slowly peeled away and revealed, I pray there won’t be the shock and disappointment like I received in my beautifully wrapped gift.  May we present a life of beauty, inside and out, to represent our Master.  Yes, it does matter!  To be like Him is my desire!     






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