From Easter Dresses, Easter Stresses, To Easter Blesse


     I am a little embarrassed to say that my earliest memories of Easter are of frilly, pastel Easter dresses with matching shoes and purse. Of course, a hat and a pair of gloves were also included in the ensemble. Oh, how we little girls looked forward with great anticipation to our latest wardrobe addition! We could always count on a new outfit for Easter Sunday. The shopping was a major part of the excitement. We could hardly wait for the day to arrive so that we could model our new finery. And dare I mention Easter baskets and colorful Easter eggs? Tender recollections of Easter egg hunts still display vividly in my mind. Please don’t let me stand alone! Surely some of you also have these fond memories!

     As I matured and acknowledged that Easter meant much more than my attire, I soon became acquainted with the stresses of Easter. Church musicals, Easter dramas, choir practice and more seemed to fill the month prior to the great holiday. By the time that Easter arrived I was usually exhausted and stressed to the max. It was hard to enjoy the fruit of our labor due to being overworked and feeling the strain of the production. Yes, we would worship our risen Savior on this sacred holiday, but it was quite frequently accompanied by the stress and strain of our efforts.

     Becoming more spiritually mature or aware I began to realize that none of this had anything to do with the real meaning of Easter. How could anyone get so far from the wonderful blessing of the season? To realize what our Savior endured through the pain, suffering and humiliation of the cross is beyond our comprehension. Tears often flow when I stop and ponder this momentous event. But even more wonderful is the fact that he arose from that grave to bring new life to all who reach for it. The real meaning of Easter is meant to bless our lives with no attachment to the commercial aspect that has become so familiar to the world.

     Let us lay claim to the blessing that awaits us! When we place less emphasis on the dresses and stresses, we can then enjoy the way God desires to bless us. He is patiently waiting for us to recognize this marvelous truth!


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