Hearts Galore

_-----F ebruary is known as the month of hearts. Beautiful heart shaped boxes and cards can be found in most stores. I have even seen heart shaped dishes, hair barrettes, candies, sunglasses, notepads, candles, and all types of items to remind us that it is the time of the heart. Sweethearts are excitedly waiting to see what their special person might have purchased for them as a gift from the heart.

___Knowing that the heart is mentioned often in the Bible, and the condition of our heart determines our destiny; I decided to do a study of the word heart. To my amazement I discovered that it is mentioned 975 times in the Bible in 895 verses! I took the time to look at each one of them and was further amazed to see that there are 100 different types of hearts that are mentioned!

___Some of the negative connotations I discovered were deceitful, rebellious, haughty, stiff, idolatrous, despiteful, vexed, divided, gross, foolish, wicked, proud, and unbelieving, just to name a few. We know that to have such a heart is displeasing to God, and we must never allow ourselves to give room for these spirits.

___Yet again some hearts mentioned were discouraged, faint, trembling, grieved, sorrowful, fearful, broken, pained, overwhelmed, heavy, despairing, weak, and anguished. These are not necessarily sinful, but yet not pleasant. When you feel these emotions, God is the answer to repair your heart.

___And finally some of the positive aspects of the heart were wise, willing, glad, joyful, merry, understanding, tender, pure, righteous, clean, contrite, whole, new, changed, humbled, meek, good, steadfast, and obedient. The Bible even speaks of a “perfect” heart. Oh, that we might achieve this highest quality of heart. Every person you come in contact with and all that you do is affected by the condition of your heart. Remember that Jeremiah 17:10 states “ I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways.” We are also reminded in Matthew that our mouth speaks what is embedded in the heart. Several scriptures also caution us not to harden our hearts. Circumstances often lead us to compromising conditions of the heart.

___At this time of the heart, let us search our own heart and see if we can make any improvement!



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