Hidden In Plain Sight

_-----Nationwide news recently carried the announcement of the Wichita, Kansas capture of the feared and dreaded BTK killer who had terrorized that area for over thirty years. A most amazing discovery was the fact that this deranged serial murderer of ten victims had lived as a devout church member, Cub Scout leader, an employee of the city, and a seemingly normal family man married with two children. The self-proclaimed BTK (which denoted bind, torture, kill) was actually a respected member of the community.

Listening to the frequent news releases in the media, the phrase “hidden in plain sight,” was repeated often. I was intrigued by the oxymoron expression. Right in plain view of everyone in a midwestern suburban city resided a cold-blooded killer living as just another ordinary person going about his daily routines. A nearby neighbor made the chilling comment, “he was one of us.” Although he was in plain sight of his community residents, he was yet hidden from the search teams who tried to unveil this troubling mystery.

As I pondered this unusual phrase of words I began to think of how the enemy of our soul is actually hidden in plain sight. He lurks around every corner seeking whom he may devour. He hides behind the false advertisement of worldly attractions and the blaring billboards of sin. When we are living a dedicated and consecrated life, he is actually in plain view. We become quite aware of his whereabouts and his tactics. We aren’t easily fooled because we are looking through spiritual eyes. However, when we fail to maintain a walk of integrity with God, Satan actually can hide from us and deceive us with his taunts and suggestions. How easily he can hide in plain sight offering false promises to his captive audience.

May our spiritual eyes be opened to the devices of the enemy so that we cannot be compromised by temptation or sin. You have a secure protection in the Holy Ghost as long as you stay in tune with Him. Satan will no longer be able to hide from us when we become spiritually aware due to our commitment and devotion to our Saviour.



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