Is That Food Real?


The following article was written by Diane Stroup,

wife of Indiana District Superintendent of UPCI


_-----Ever wonder why your pies, cakes and even sandwiches don’t look like the picture even though you followed the directions to the “T”? It’s because of a Food Stylist. You may be saying, “Now I’ve heard everything. A Food Stylist! What’s that?” Food Stylists are the people who use cotton swabs, tweezers, glue, glycerin, styrofoam, paint, glue and a blow torch to make food in printed ads and commercials look appetizing. Burgers are only cooked on the outside and painted to look done; that “milk” in the glass is diluted white paint; “water beads” on those tomatoes are really glycerin and oil. Sound delicious? Do you want a bite? I am certainly glad that the recipes posted on Tealightful Inspirations do not include the above named ingredients. We want the real thing, not something made to look real.

     A few years ago our family stayed at the Empress Hotel on Victoria Island and went to high tea. It was a wonderful experience. The room is beautiful and full of history, with graceful service and delicious food. Seated next to us was a young mother with her two little girls dressed in their Sunday best with blonde curls and patent leather shoes. They were all eating those tasty little sandwiches, when the littlest girl said, “Mommy, when are they going to bring the real food?” We all had to laugh (my husband and son-in-law were probably thinking the same thing). The food was real but not what the little girl expected. It definitely was not hamburgers and French fries.

     This has made me stop to consider afresh our responsibility in presenting the Gospel to our world. What we are offering is real, but how are we portraying it? Do people watching our lives see the real attributes of our Lord and Savior, or do they see something plastic and rehearsed? The scripture states very emphatically that we are epistles (letters) known and read of all men. (II Cor 3:2) I want to always comport myself in such a manner that people will know that the spirit in me is real and life changing. I certainly would not want my associates to have to turn and look somewhere else for the “real food”!



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