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By: Debbie Akers


       Our national Ladies Ministries theme recently was Leaving a Legacy. It made me reminisce of my heritage and the legacy I have been given.

Dad was a Home Missions pastor, and Mom was my Sunday school teacher. She made class so exciting. I couldn’t wait for the new semester of literature to arrive. She would let me help cut out the flannel graph figures and visual aids. Then she would ‘practice’ the lesson with us. By the time Sunday rolled around I knew the lesson inside and out.

I learned how to teach Sunday school by being her student. I also learned how to be a pastor’s wife by watching her. She mostly got it right. I’m still learning.

I’ve watched her grow old-er (not old!) with grace and she makes seventy look attractive and young.

As I do Ladies Ministries work or prepare the lesson plan for our Kidz Church program my granddaughter, Rebecca, wants to be my assistant. She helps me cut out visual aids and I ‘practice’ the lesson in front of her and my grandsons. Although I am not their Sunday school teacher I hope what I share with them will ‘leave a legacy’ of working for the Lord.


 Leaving a Legacy

That the generation to come might know...

-Psalms 78:6, 7


Debbie Akers is a busy pastor’s wife from Arizona. She is also the Ladies President of the Arizona district UPCI and also coordinator for Daughters of Zion ministry. She also so aptly compiles the DOZ newsletter monthly.



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