Life’s Detours

Establishing goals is all right if you don't let them deprive you of interesting detours.

Doug Larson


_-----I recently read this intriguing quotation and began to ponder the meaning and significance of it. As we journey on this winding and circuitous pathway that we call “life”, most of us have preconceived ideas of the destination that we desire. Of course, our final goal is to make it to heaven, but I am talking about the shorter destinations along the way.

     Have you ever been driving down the highway and due to construction or various reasons you were required to take a detour? We usually feel a little irritated to see the bold yellow sign telling us that we must leave our planned route. Yet at the same time I can remember unexpectedly enjoying the scenic, country route that allowed us to view some awesome sights of nature off the beaten path. If it had not been for the detour, we would have missed it all.

     On our pathway of life we often encounter these surprising detours. We are frequently not too happy for the interruptions in our normal routine…numerous phone calls, a sick family member, a long wait in the doctor’s office, a train stopped on the tracks, and the list goes on and on. However, I have observed that when my pace is required to slow down, or I am taken down a different road, it often allows me a time of reflection.

     It would behoove us to accept the detours just as they are handed to us. There is no doubt a lesson to be learned, or perhaps God saw our need to take a small break in our hectic schedules, a break that we would not have allowed had it been up to us. Remember, it is only a detour! Just slow down, take it easy, and you’ll soon be back on the pathway!



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