Maker of Each Moment

By:  Wanda Fielder

As we were being ministered to yesterday through the song “Adonai,” these four words seemed to resonate with me – MAKER OF EACH MOMENT.   All afternoon I contemplated the significance of these simple words.  My first thoughts were that God is omnipotent and has control of every single minute of our days, and of course, that is correct.  He is our Creator, the giver and taker of our lives.  He can make our moments into whatever He chooses. 

However, the next line of the song gives more insight into the deeper meaning.  “Father of my hope and freedom, Oh, my Adonai.”  When God created mankind, he instilled within us the power of choice, which is the final determination of our destination and future.  He actually gave us the liberty to make decisions that allow us to be moment makers.  God receives no pleasure from forcing us to serve Him but delights in our choices to freely and willingly give our lives to Him.  This autonomy that He has imparted to us allows us to have freedom in living a holy and godly life that will lead us into eternity with Him.

So, what will you do with each moment?  Our lives consist of millions of moments, and it would behoove us to make them count.  Although God has all power, your choices will determine your destination.  Be a significant moment maker!


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